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Heat Sensitive Spoons, 2pk Green Colour
Code : LS21P4013

Spoon tip changes color when food is too hot!Ergonomic handle and scoop is more comfortable to hold and mouthfeel Long handle reaches into jars / pouches Deep basin for substantial moutful and prevent spillage Colorful to capture interest Ideal for introducing first solid foods...

Value    Unit สั่งซื้อสินค้า
  1. To check food temperature hygienically for baby's safety. Color of the tip will be fader when baby's food has higher temperature than 43 'C indicating food is too hot. If food is at right temperature, color of the tip remains unchanged. Ergonomically designed handle is more comfortable and suitable for little hands. Long handle reaches into jars and pouches. Deep basin prevents spillage and to hold substantial mouthful amount.


Made from safe BPA-free material and in compliance with EN 14372 standards.


Green colors


One pack: 2 pcs.


Product Code: LS21P4013

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